Welcome to our new publishing arm Little Devil Island Music™, founded in 2020. In our new music business, we are concentrating on music licensing, sync, and publishing. In 2005 we praised the new music streaming model. Today our thoughts are different. Music distribution is quite different from those glorious days where gold and platinum album sales were a daily event.

The Little Devil Island, in the seas of Denmark (in folklore called Zealand), is sometimes also called Devil's Island, amongst the "Jutlanders", in Jutland, the peninsula that juts out in Northern Europe towards the rest of the Scandinavian archipelago. We are members of STIM the swedish rights holders association.

Roster of Artists, Songwriters, Composers, Producers & DJ's

  • Andy Fung
  • Basiru Suso
  • Birgitte Moos Chalcraft
  • Ina Verdi-Ruckstuhl
  • Jason McCormick
  • John Dennis
  • Mardoché Lukombo
  • Mario Del Rio
  • Mark Kjærsgaard Winther
  • Martin Lauge Christensen Rosenfalck
  • Mel Daley
  • Ola Mohlin
  • Peter Bogolub
  • Petur Hallgrimsson
  • Rayne Lew
  • Richard Proctor
  • Sam Ortolano
  • Stefan Weinreich Mortensen
  • Thomas Bang
  • Ulf Turesson
  • Øyvind Berge
℗ Little Devil Island Music