Welcome to Little Devil Island Music™, our newly established publishing arm that was founded in 2020. Our primary focus in this music business venture is music licensing, sync, and publishing. Back in 2005, we celebrated the emergence of the new music streaming model, but our perspective has evolved since then.

The landscape of music distribution has significantly changed from the days when gold and platinum album sales were a regular occurrence. The name Little Devil Island draws inspiration from a small island situated in the seas of Denmark, also known as Zealand. This island holds a captivating folklore history and is sometimes referred to as Devil's Island by the "Jutlanders" in Jutland, the northernmost peninsula of mainland Europe.

As proud members of STIM, the Swedish Rights Holders Association, we are dedicated to safeguarding the rights of our artists and ensuring they receive appropriate compensation for their artistic endeavors. Our focus lies in licensing, sync, and publishing, which we believe to be the future of the music industry. Through these efforts, we strive to ensure that our artists are fairly rewarded for their creative contributions.