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  • It’s the best voice I ever heard since Janis Joplin  Tricky
  • “Kira is the kind of rock diva that comes around once, maybe twice in a generation” – Globe & Mail | Music Week

    “Happiness saves lives” is probably the strongest and most talked-about debut album to this date. The album gained massive attention as it hit the streets in the middle of the summer of 2002 and Kira was proclaimed to be the greatest talent in decades coming out on the rock scene.

    Due to the recent breakup (2007), Kira and the kindred spirits no longer exist as a band and Kira is currently (was) signed to Chris Blackwell (the legendary founder of Island Records) and trip hopper Tricky and their Brownpunk label venture. Since their debut, Kira and the kindred spirits released many more albums but none to the heights of “Happiness saves lives”.

    The album was recorded in legendary Sauna Recording Studios in the heart of Copenhagen and in a country house in the northern part of Devil Island and includes not only great music but truly loads of blood, sweat, and tears too. You can actually hear it and Kira is truly one of the greatest voices in modern times!

    “Happiness saves lives” is the foundation and our first release.