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Todd & Karen Unveil a Melodic Manifesto with “Juicy Gossip From The Mothership”

Todd and Karen now have thousands of followers and fans across social media. Cosmo Crowd is their most popular song right now, with over 100,000 streams.

Their recent hit Norwegian Summer has been accumulating all summer, and now, on the most terrifying date of fall, October 13th, we are releasing their next song called "Juicy Gossip From The Mothership."

The song was written in response to "gatekeepers" who claim to respect your opinion but only as long as it fits them and agrees with them. It began as an acoustic rock tune but rapidly evolved into their most poppy offering to date.

The music was mixed by an incredible hotshot who we are not permitted to name. However, if you can identify who it is, you are probably correct ;)

Here's a short teaser to whet your appetite ;)


I enjoy this song! Feels like Elvis Costello meets 10,000 Maniacs. I will consider this for a future weekly OPE! Spotify playlist, which I feature in my weekly OPE! Substack newsletter.

The upbeat energy and playful tone makes for a distinctive personality, something which carries through to the vocals too, so even though the final result perhaps leans too close to the genre's pop/electro side for VSF, we really hope this gains a big audience

This was really good! We'll post this on our Spotify playlist and make sure we try and include all the info needed as well! Thanks so much for this and we look forward to getting more tracks from you! Keep it up!

hey again! We will add this one to our Spotify playlist and update you as soon as that goes live! Thanks so much for the song and we look forward to receiving new songs from you!

Welcome back guys! We will go ahead and add this to our playlist on Spotify and update you once it's live!  Thanks for this one and we look very forward to receiving more music from you so we can get this to more ears!

This is what I like to call a Free 99 quality song! Amazing job! Keep the songs coming on here and keep up the great work!

Thank you for sending. This is an enjoyable track and the track is produced well and we feel the track would suit our station nicely and we look forward to playing the track.

Thank you for your submission. We really enjoyed the track very much. The track sounds great. We felt it was mixed well and the production is quality. We thought that this song was well written, had a great vibe and bounce, and you delivered well on this one.

This is a little more poppy than we normally cover, but it is so damn catchy and different to what we normally hear that it will be a great addition to the playlist.

Lovely vocals. You both pair up like bread and chocolate. I love the understanding and team work. The bond is so special and i can't wait to share this song cause i enjoyed the meal. Congratulations, I am the founder of "The Mark & ​​Wayne show" on Glacer FM and have decided to approve your track for broadcast on my show.

Bonjour. On aime beaucoup, pouvez-vous nous envoyer par mail le morceau en format mp3 pour le diffuser dans notre programmation?. Merci

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