Late News Of Relevance!

Thanks to our digital distributor status, we can now offer our artists and/or representatives the benefits of easy access to Apple Music for Artists through our backstage area, along with statistics and promotion/marketing features.

Apple Music for Artists

Apple Music for Artists is now available on the App Store. Get a snapshot of your music’s performance on the go. Download iOS App

System Requirements

The Apple Music for Artists iOS app can be used from an iPhone running iOS 12 or later. Apple Music for Artists on iOS is currently only available for iPhone.


Identify milestones and all-time bests for your songs and albums, highlighting important moments.

  • Top Playlist Plays
  • Tap on a playlist your music has been featured in to see total plays for your songs in the playlist, plays by song, and a song’s playlist position.
  • Top Songs
  • Song-level details are viewed by tapping on one of your most-played songs. You can view details such as Plays, Average Daily Listeners, Shazams, Radio Spins, Song Purchases, Insights, Plays by country or city, and plays from Playlists.
  • Top Shazams
  • Shazams are recorded anytime your song is recognized by the Shazam app or one of the partner apps that use Shazam technology. Tap on one of your most-shazamed songs to see data about that song’s performance in Apple Music and iTunes.
  • Charting on Shazam
  • Shazam chart data is now available in the Apple Music for Artists app. If your track is charting on Shazam in a country or city in the past seven days, you can view this charting information in the app, on the go.
  • Popular Countries and Regions
  • Tap a popular country to see how your music is performing in that region. You can view the cities where your music is most played, country- or region-specific Insights, Top Songs, and Top Cities.
  • By default, the Apple Music for Artists iOS app will show data from the last four weeks. You can update the date range for your data by tapping the filter in the upper right-hand corner.




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