Founded in 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Sublime Exile Recordings proudly serves as the birthplace of SXR MUSIC GROUP, an independent music publisher.

With our extensive experience and vast network within the music industry, Sublime Exile Recordings has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Our family of sub-labels and publishing arms, including Nørrebro Records, The Monotone Files, Little Devil Island Music, LdF Music & Arts, and our latest addition, Svenska Låtar, showcases our commitment to diverse and exceptional music.

Our carefully curated catalog boasts an impressive array of talented artists and music, ranging from soul-stirring instrumentals to captivating lyrical masterpieces. We take pride in representing various genres such as minimalistic, indie, and commercial pop, as well as world music, shoe gaze, rock, techno, darkwave, and avant-garde. Our artists hail from a multitude of countries, spanning from the United States, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to Mali, Australia, and France.

At Sublime Exile Recordings, we are dedicated to promoting and nurturing exceptional talent, ensuring that their music reaches audiences far and wide. Join us on this extraordinary musical journey as we continue to push boundaries and redefine the music industry.


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SXR has for the past 10 years 
intensely been following the latest music economy craze @blockchain. All our products; releases, fashion & gear can be purchased in the following cryptos:

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We are accepting close to all international payment methods including third-party payments by PayPal, BitPay, and Coinbase.

 Our domains: filosify.com, stereotypesongs.com for sale here !