The Revolution - Decentralized Vibes

We are wasting a lot of time trying to gain as many streams as possible on a service that is completely useless. We have to put a stop to it right now!

Here's our prediction: Web2 will soon be obsolete.

The Internet is just too strong, and I don't see conventional banks or governments surviving. The revolution is already underway!

People are simply too powerful, and Web3, the decentralised world wide web, is ushering in a new age.

Our new 'Decentralised Vibes' playlist contains songs from 2023. That's a start for our music industry's future. We've been studying this phenomenon for a decade, as well as investing in blockchain technology and web3, and now that we can't live in the web2 idiot-sphere, we simply have to migrate and take every web2 activity offline, as well as abandon the present sick music streaming business in the doomed web2.

This playlist was created using a decentralised token-based blockchain and can be shared over the existing web2 and web3 and, best of all, we gain money to share with the artists and produce new artistry on the label. That is our destiny. We continue to think that artists require assistance in order to be heard, and that collaboration is critical to success.

→ We already have our own web3 webpage! ←

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