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Photocredit: Per Morten Abrahamsen


Achtung Sky er en trio bestående af tre erfarne musikere med rødder i København og en lang historie på den danske musikscene.

Jack Giersing og Tomas Ortved har haft et langvarigt venskab og samarbejde i over 20 år. De har spillet sammen i forskellige bands som Alive With Worms og på Tomas Ortveds andet album, "Catch", fra 2012. Deres første EP, "Never", blev udgivet i 2014 og blev også titlen på deres efterfølgende samarbejde som duo.

Thor Vincent, der finjusterer de analoge synthesizere, har længe arbejdet sammen med de nævnte musikere bag kulisserne, både som musiker og indspilningstekniker. Nu bringer han bandets lyd til et helt nyt niveau.

Tomas Ortved er bedst kendt som trommeslager i det legendariske Sort Sol (Sods) og har også arbejdet med andre bands som Cyklon Anti Cyklon, Alive With Worms, Nikolaj Nørlund og Peter Sommer.


Get ready for an exciting date: February 23, 2024, the day when the highly anticipated single "Clean Clean Man" will finally hit the airwaves. Brace yourself for an electrifying experience as the song kicks off with a pulsating beat and the resounding voice of the talented lyricist, vocalist, and renowned drummer, Tomas Ortved, declaring, "I'm a clean, clean man...". The combination of Jack Giersing's mesmerizing guitar melodies and Thor Vincent's captivating synthesizers will transport you into a world of pure musical intensity. And just when you think it can't get any better, Naima and her extraordinary choir join in the chorus, adding an exhilarating touch that takes the song to new heights.

Achtung Sky is three very skilled musicians, all of whom have origins in Copenhagen and a lengthy history in the Danish music scene.

Jack Giersing and Tomas Ortved have been friends and collaborators for +20 years, having played together in bands like Alive With Worms and on Tomas Ortved's second album, "Catch," released in 2012. In 2014, they released their debut EP, "Never," which also served as the title of their subsequent duet collaboration.

Thor Vincent, who tunes the analogue synthesisers, has long worked behind the scenes with these performers, both as a musician and as a recording technician. He is now pushing the band's sound to new heights.

Tomas Ortved is most known as the drummer for the renowned Sort Sol (Sods), but he has also worked with Cyklon Anti Cyklon, Alive With Worms, Nikolaj Nørlund, and Peter Sommer.

Vocals/drums: Tomas Ortved

Guitars: Jack Giersing

Synthesizer/programming: Thor Vincent

Backing vocals: Naima

Recorded & mixed by Achtung Sky, and mastered by Lars Kivig in Copenhagen. Session contributions, synths & programming by Jesper Ranum.

  • ISRC: DKFK12400301
  • ISWC: T-323.324.327-7
  • BARCODE:  8721056611461
  • CAT NO: SXR2417
  • RELEASE: 23/2/2024

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“Cool stuff and I love the music…”

“A well-made track with some enjoyable sounds too…”

“Impressive style Achtung Sky!! Rock at its finest! Your song not only rocks hard but also tells a compelling story. Bravo!”

“I like how the song has multiple layers of elements, vocals, riffs, which makes it creative. Congratulations on the beautiful work!”

“‘Clean Clean Man’ is such a great grunge track. Loads of creativity such as this very exciting tom section starting at 0:57.”

“Great and dark sound with good vocals, we appreciate the energy and anger behind your sound…” Sofar Sounds Newcastle

“The vibe of your performance is truly captivating! The production is commendable, delivering a well-balanced auditory experience.” HQindie

“Top quality alternative vibes - love the arrangement and vocal treatments throughout the track - very strong.” Desert Island Cloud

“This is a vibrant track, the big rock guitar riff and sultry vocals, pounding beat, and spacious arrangement are theatrical and intriguing.” Independent Music Playlists

”Top quality alternative vibes - love the arrangement and vocal treatments throughout the track - very strong.” Desert Island Cloud

“I’ve been listening through to Clean Clean Man. As live musicians go this feels tight, punchy and well recorded. I've been enjoying your style of rock/punk. I think you have a great balance of a new raw and energetic sound. Your music is fresh exciting and boy can you all play. The production is excellent... tight, holds together and everything feels like it's sitting where it should be. You can hear everything you should be focused on at the right time and there is something edgy and new about you.”