Grammy – Nominated Basiru Suso release “The World Alive” on Sublime Exile Recordings!

The World Alive is released on May 11/2009 and includes a great number of prominent guest appearances. The album is recorded in Denmark and mixed and produced by David Hennessy, Mikael Nordsø, and Basiru Suso. All music is composed by Basiru Suso.

Basiru Suso plays the Cora, which has been a part of the African music culture for more than 600 years, a 21 string body and neck instrument sounding similar to a harp. In the past, the instrument was used for social celebrations such as weddings and christenings. The Griot is the name of an African Cora musician and storyteller and an important advisor for the kings and priests.


  • Basiru Suso: Kora, vocal • All tracks
  • David Hennessy: Guitar • Track: 1, 3, 5, 6
  • Lycke Steen: Percussion, shakers • All tracks
  • Robert Soderstrand: Didjeridu • Track: 2, 6, 8
  • Niels Ryde: Bas • Track: 1, 5
  • Martin Seeberg: Flute • Track: 3
  • Mariama Guldagger: Vocal • Track: 5
  • Sophie Amalie Engel: Saw • Track: 6
  • Lee Hennessy • Mads Gryholt: Kids Laughs • Track: 6

New Age music by Basiru Suso • 2009 • Total time: 49:34 • Recorded at L.S.Studio, Odense, DK • Engineered and Mixed by Dave Hennessy • Track: 1 and 10 mixed by Mikkel Norsø and Dave Hennessy, Co-mixed by Basiru Suso • All songs composed by Basiru Suso • Produced by Basiru Suso • Co-produced by David Hennessy • Songs Scape and pic’s by Basiru Suso and David Hennessy • Mastered in Audio Resort Studio by Mads Haaber