Welcome to David Campbell Lawrence, a fantastic songwriter & musician from Sidney, Australia, signed today to the label.

David Campbell Lawrence's interest in popular music began as a kid, and the idea of becoming a musician became his primary goal at the age of 12. Following beginner piano lessons at the age of 8 or 9, I gravitated toward the guitar, and by the age of 13 had mastered the fundamentals to accompany himself in singing his first compositions in public.

Over the following several years, he progressed to various instruments, and by the age of 16, he was part of a "loose" group of friends approximating a "original/cover" band, performing in coffee shops, school halls, and wherever we were invited to play.

When a mid-week restaurant engagement became available, the move from part-time music to musical employment started, and has since continued through the trios, bands, clubs, pubs, and corporate functions over the last 30 years. This setting, on the other hand, served as a "school" for polishing abilities and establishing professional attitudes on how to earn a respectable place in the music industry.

Fortunately, the impulse to write has not faded and may have become stronger as live performances have become less frequent.

As a middle-aged musician who has had all of the same ambitions, hopes, and dreams of fellow musicians, young and old, I can attest to the value of composing.

He is presently based in his home studio, where he is working on songs for other artists as well as musical compositions for use in advertising and movies. It's a process he finds both gratifying and entertaining.

Listen below to some of his compositions. The music is unreleased. More information to follow!