Mandy is Andy Fung and Melanie Fung. They spend all their time writing and making music/art. They live in Cardiff, UK and sometimes they take all the furniture out on the street and film really good musicians having a JAM. Cross Country Rollerskating is a 5 track debut EP.

They are recording the first album “Universe” now! For those of you who didn’t know. In 2009 Mel also released her debut single by another duo of hers The MeMeMe’s on the label.


Dear Mel Daley (✝ 2014). My dear friend is not here anymore. You left this shithole. Hope you are well. I miss you. You told witties to the world. You made your own talk show (videos on youtube) outside your own house on the pavement. You were extraordinary. Why do we lose extraordinary people filling our miserable world with hope. Take care Mel. Hope to see again.

ps. Mel was the singer-songwriter in the Welsh duo The MeMeMe's and later Mandy. She was married to Andy Fung and therefore lately called Mrs Fung. She was battling cancer which she told us all about in her own BBC radio show aired earlier this year in 2014.
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