The long-awaited debut album “I know you are smiling because you are asleep” to Australian shoegazers The Fakes is finally released. The album includes 11 new tracks produced by Robbie Rowlands in Australia. Fans of bands such as Mazzy Star, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Sneaker Pimps, Sinéad O’Connor, Cocteau Twins, Cowboy Junkies, Cranes, Velvet Underground should really check this great new band out!

The sound is pop; sensual, dark brooding, with a fragile and intense female vocal over stark guitars, intelligent electronica, and beautiful string arrangements.

The tracks are all recorded in Australia at Graham’s and Adrianna’s by Robbie Rowlands and The Fakes and mastered at Crystal Mastering House – Melbourne by John Roberto.

Produced and engineered by Robbie Rowlands (Morning After Girls, 1200 Techniques, The Fauves, 16mm…)

The luscious and sensuous voice of Juliarna Cleal provides a perfect counterpoint to the ethereal, bittersweet, pop; textured layers of guitars, cello, drum, bass, and minimalist electronica; The sound is pop; sensual, dark brooding, with a fragile intense female vocal over stark guitars and intelligent electronica. What punk would sound like if it could be beautiful?

The Fakes create dark, moody pop recalling at times Mazzy Star, The Sneaker Pimps, Cowboy Junkies, Paradise Motel, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and even the Velvet Underground. Produced by Robbie Rowlands (12 techniques, Morning After Girls...) Storm in a Teacup is The Fakes first release and is already generating plenty of interest in Europe and the US. The Fakes is from Melbourne, Australia. 

  • Guitars&keys  Jason Mccormick
  • Voice  Juliarna Cleal
  • Bass  Peter Bouwman
  • Cello  Carolyn Gannell
  • Drums  Dave Cox
  • All songs were written by Jase Mccormick for Off To Camp Music©2005
  • Recorded @ Graham & Adrianna's
  • Engineered by Jase Mccormick, Robbie Rowlands
  • Produced & Mixed by Robbie Rowlands @ Behive Studios, Australia
  • Mastered by John Rubert @ Crystal Mastering, Australia
  • Artwork by Marianne Davies
  • Layout by Phill McEvoy

Special thanks to Marianne Davies, Adrian Verdnik, Robbie Rowlands, Lasse de Flon, Graham Gibson, Anna Shanahan, Phill McEvoy, John Ruberto, Jim Matheas, All our families and friends. Arts Victoria and everyone who showed an interest.

Storm In A Teacup is originally released on Hive Projects, Australia, and licensed by Sublime Exile Recordings, Europe in © 2005.