1# WEB3

I am closely monitoring, educating myself, adjusting, and getting ready for the most recent semantic web development, the so-called WEB3 switchover. This is related to my ongoing examination of the most recent blockchain developments. Using ideas like decentralization, blockchain technology, and token-based economics, WEB3 proposes a new version of the World Wide Web.

In addition to a ton of new Dapps, we have our own server ⇢ @discord ⇠ and an unstoppable domain @blockchain, and we are continually taking the required measures to break free from the present WEB2 shackles.

Web3 music refers to the use of blockchain and other decentralized technologies to create and distribute music. 

One of the primary advantages of Web3 music is the ability to create smart contracts that automate the payment process, ensuring that artists receive their fair share of revenue.

In 2024, I aim to enhance my knowledge by enrolling in a bachelor's program at the Copenhagen Business Academy to ensure the success of my future endeavors in the music business.


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