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Music2Deal (M2D): Hi Lasse, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Lasse de Flon: I’m an independent music publisher since 2001. Prior to I was among the chosen few people starting up Playground Music Scandinavia in Sweden, in 1999. Additionally, I was running the Swedish MNW Records Group in Oslo, Norway, and worked as a Label Manager for Mute Records UK. In 2002 I started my own label, in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve been working as a DJ since I was very young at 15, working in traditional Record Stores and playing instruments since I was a little boy, listening to The Stones, The Beatles on my fathers old AGA turntable in the early ’60s, and danced to the Disco and pierced my ear in the 70’s Punk eras. Played, recorded, mixed, produced music in studio and studied Music Business Foundation and Entrepreneurship at Berklee College Of Music, and more…


M2D: Have you licensed your music / signed your artists internationally? 

Lasse: There are several international artists in my catalog, currently from the UK, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Mali, Iceland, and France. All internationally signed except one, and yes they’ve been licensed.


M2D: Which country do you think is the best to license music to? 

Lasse: I tend to concentrate on the traditional markets in the US, UK, Scandinavia, EU, and Asia. I’m open to all markets. In 2009 I released my catalog in China through Wawawa and since 2005 my catalog is distributed by Believe Digital France.


M2D: If you were to partner with someone to license his music / sign up his artists for your region, what sort of music are you looking out for? Why?

Lasse: I’m looking for international artists and labels to partner with, in the styles of pop, rock, indie, avant-garde, reggae, dub, world, electronica, ambient, dance, jazz …


M2D: Notable projects you have completed?

Lasse: I’ve been involved in several gold and platinum album sales by The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & The Bad seeds, Moby to name just a few. Read more about me @ linkedIn.com/subexile


M2D: What do you think is the single largest problem faced by the music industry today? How do you think it can be resolved?

Lasse: In 2005 I praised the new music streaming model with Spotify and all such. Today I’m not. I thought it would prolong and develop our business, instead, it removed our incomes. However, it’s a great promotional tool. Music distribution is quite different from those glorious days where gold and platinum album sales were a daily event. I’m intensively following every new step towards a sustainable business model and have been following the blockchain technology for quite some time. Virtual Reality and business bundles might not sound that exciting but unfortunately necessary but boring (in my view – I’m just an old hippie though) and a futuristic fictitious model, possibly.


M2D: Upcoming projects?

Lasse: I’m currently reissuing my label (Sublime Exile Recordings), after years of silence (not really, as it’s always been alive but, you know, inactive at sometimes) and simultaneously starting my own new music publishing arm Little Devil Island Music, and currently affiliate with a wide range of music business associates. I will also release my entire catalog on traditional formats like CD & Vinyl. Cassette and DVD might come too? – I am currently, but not only, concentrating on sync licensing and music publishing. My label currently offers an integrated quick buy/sell player(s) feature, including a one-stop quick license/sync/publish checkout along with a brand new independent record store offering not only digital download sales but CD & Vinyl productions too. – The label now also has it’s own merchandise, along with its own new music publishing arm and record label subsidiaries.

My labels upcoming releases are currently in negotiations. We are currently featured with our latest brief on syncrmusic.com and have received great new music from many great new artists. Still TBA!


M2D: Your plans for 2021?

Lasse: I have no other plans than to work hard on what i love to do. I currently work on some really cool new solutions but it’s way to early to brag about them. My companys new website www.subexile.dk features Demo Upload, Music Licensing Shop, Music Publishing Arm, Digital & Physical Records Store, Music Collection Listening Area, Merchandise, News Blog, Artist Backstage Area including Artists Services such as Merchandise, Booking (TBA), Promotion, Marketing, Synchronization, Publishing, Distribution, Analytics, Physical and digital sales, and distribution…and more.


M2D: A good word on Music2Deal.com

Lasse: I used to work for Mario @ Music2Deal, having the responsibility for the Scandinavian territory, in the early 2010s. I really like the idea of gathering great professional people to further the business and I think Music2Deal is a great window to reflect upon.



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