L12”, the latest song released by Todd & Karen is currently being massively played throughout the internet in Spotify playlists and social media activity.

It’s actually streaming more than both “Save Me” & “Losing You” by Kira and the kindred spirits altogether (our previous long-time top streaming artist) even though Kira is featured & playlisted on the National Danish Broadcasting radio program 6 & popular tv program series “Toppen Af Poppen”.

Todd & Karen is a Norwegian/Irish duo and their top music streaming activity is obviously not in Denmark as the danish Kira and the kindred spirits are. “L12” is taken from Todd & Karen’s debut EP “Approximately Here For A Bit” released on 10/14/2022.

The current top 10 streaming countries come from;

1. United States of America 2. Germany 3. United Kingdom of Great Britain 4. Norway 5. Canada 6. Sweden 7. Australia 8. Finland 9. Italy 10. Cyprus

Save Me” & “Losing You” are both taken from the very popular debut album “Happiness Saves Lives”, our first & founding debut album release from way back in 2002.

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