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We are all aware that creators are battling to prosper in today's music industry.

Did you know that? If you choose Tidal or Apple as your music provider, not only will the music sound way better, but it will also generate more income for the composer.

Enhance your listening experience, increase money for the composer, and promote the most sustainable music services!

Below you’ll find the current rates paid per stream ($). Specified below is also the most & the less paid music services marked with.

  • Tidal 0,01284
  • Apple 0,008
  • Amazon 0.00402
  • Spotify 0.00318
  • YouTube 0.002
  • Pandora 0.00133
  • Deezer 0.0011

For 1000 streams:

Tidal pay: $12,84

Deezer pay: $1,1

Needless to say, SXR MUSIC GROUP is always trying to ensure that our artists make the most of their musical careers. As a consequence, we have collaborated with the three most sustainable services, and everything shared by our artists will always come from those two sources. We would appreciate it if you could do it as well.


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