New sixties film soundtrack in technicolor. New songs in Panavision and Cinemascope.

Trip Ray is an Italian and Danish duet comprised of Roberto Alonzo Buch and Nicolaj Stochholm.

Roberto and Nicolaj met during a Psychic Ill's concert in Copenhagen in 2016 because they shared a love of ambient and funky tunes.

They regularly met on the street in Copenhagen, discussing sounds and performing together; at the time, Roberto was still developing his multi-instrumental approach while Nicolaj was busy with his previous band.

But some things are simply meant to be, and they ultimately met in a studio in early 2022, and the thing just went off.

CinemΓ‘tica is their debut album, and it is loaded with ambient, slightly psychedelic sounds that they enjoy wrapped up in mental films.

On the album, there are homages to Sergio Leone and Stanley Kubrick, as well as soundtracks to their imagined movies and new situations built by sound.