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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our exciting new indie band, whom we signed last summer.

Trip Ray was formed by Italian musician Roberto Alonzo Buch and Danish award-winning poet Nicolaj Stochholm, who takes on the role of vocalist.

The debut album, "Cinemática," takes listeners on a captivating and dynamic psychedelic rock journey, transporting them to a whole new realm. With its experimental and twangy melodies, the album immerses you in its enchanting hold, capturing your attention and refusing to let go.

"Cinemática" showcases an impressive level of creativity and ingenuity, drawing inspiration from the psychedelic explorations of classic rock. The meticulous attention to detail and genuine passion infused into every aspect of this release demand recognition. In a time where immersive and transformative records are rare, encountering this album is truly invigorating, as it radiates with vibrant and distinctive originality, brimming with boundless energy.

The album features several exceptional songs and lyrics, with a noteworthy and authentic dynamics and soundscape.

"Cinemática" is a masterfully crafted album, where every element, from the guitars to the vocals, contributes to its mesmerizing allure.

Trip Ray



"Vesterbro Rockradio"

Trip Ray on Mexican Radio

"El Rocanrosaurio"


"a creative and captivating masterpiece"