Adore Me’s sound blends dark-wave, industrial, and electronic pop influences while exploring themes ranging from mythology to desire to horror. Their second EP, Kira #1, balances both dark and light, painting a picture of modern love on tracks like MABH and Kira #1, to the hunger of a blood-thirsty death goddess on Bruise and Psyphon. Lew’s lyrics and delivery fuse melancholia, sexuality, and empowerment. Del Rio’s production forms intricate, majestic soundscapes that also feel playful. The pair’s sound is a study of opposites - ominous yet often taking a tongue-in-cheek approach. LA/CDMX-based dark electronic band Adore Me and their new EP is released by Sublime Exile Recordings & published by Little Devil Island Music on April 28, 2023.

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  • Rayne Lew / vocals
  • Mario Del Rio / producer

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