Dear Investor

  • We are an awarded independent music publisher & record label with great reach out in the music industry.

  • We find and release talent & music from international artists.

  • Through the power of artistry, we shape culture.

  • Dedicated to creativity and innovation, we are a community of entrepreneurs.

  • We own and operate businesses in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content.

  • Recording artists and songwriters are identified and developed, and we produce, distribute, and promote critically acclaimed and successful artists & music.

  • We have a diverse and culturally rich collection of recordings and songs.

  • Our commitment to developing new services, platforms, and business models for the delivery of music and related content empowers innovators and opens up new commercial and artistic opportunities.

  • With music's power to inspire and bring people together, we work with our artists to serve our communities.

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