PR & SoMe Intern/Assistent

PR & SoMe Intern

Music Business Intern


Sublime Exile Recordings is an independent niche record label, music publisher, and content owner founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, and initially started in 2002 as a traditional record label affiliated with a recording studio, selling music on physical formats but has since 2005 been releasing digital content only. Since 2020, however, the label release music on vinyl & CD again!

Our catalogue includes a great variety of music styles and artists coming from many corners of the world and we are constantly working on new local and international releases.


We are optimally looking for an intern with great computing skills and killer SoMe & music streaming know-how, a communications strategist, and a marketing & promotion powerhouse.

You’ll be working from home on a freelance basis (unpaid) communicating with the headquarters on a daily basis.

Your social skills, due to online presence, are of significant relevance for this particular position.

As an intern you’ll get a great insight into how the music business works, representing the label and rewarding your future music career.


We look forward to receiving your application and CV for this vacancy in Danish or English. Please, send in your resume below and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Copenhagen, Denmark