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 GENRES:  #electronic #dance #darkwave #goth #industrial #pop


 DJ’s says:

  • Chris R Schöner Titel, mal schauen wie es bei den Party Gästen ankommt. Werde ich in meinem Set mit nehmen.
  • DJ Black-Chicken Wie immer Mega Musik, kann nur sagen weiter so
  • The Odessa Project Moving with energy. The vocals are light and airy. Has a trance feel
  • Eric B i like it and i play it
  • Dj-nor-b is a good song,can play it on my set
  • Denji Hachiro I place this track to my radio show
  • Paul Bronx Very good sounds for cool people. This will be in my next set!
  • Felix Wilson That is what i'm looking for. Fully support for this producer.
  • Dj Platinum good sound might throw it on a set
  • Marco Sassi Da suonare assolutamente
  • Jakob Binder Danke vielmals für die gute
  • Musik Natalie Degas Merci pour la belle musique. Je vais jouer ca.
  • Alonzo Paredes obrigado pela canção. adoro-a.
  • Tom Wood really good release
  • Fernando Sueva Gracias por este track precioso
  • Dj-lb Musikexpress Guter Song und guter Sound.

☞ Musical Touch @ Grover wrote:

OMG MABH! Really magical atmosphere guys! The darkwave production is great, love it so much this song. FULL SUPPORT ADORE ME! We will add your track on our playlist this friday! Will share the link that day

☞ Rag Talent @ Groover wrote:

"So good! We will get this one posted on our IG and tag you in everything! Thanks so much for this one and keep it up!

☞ CATBEAR 🇬🇧 (Spotify Playlister) @ SubmitHub wrote:
"Hey this is a strong driving beat to start with averse which gives us Curve/Garbage vibes. Lovely vocal tone and expressive style though overall a bit more of a constant beat which feels a bit more techno-leaning...

☞ Liquid Ritual 🇬🇧 (Spotify Playlister) @ SubmitHub wrote:
Great atmosphere in this one, especially liked the vocals and the synths...

☞ OPSAT 🇬🇧 (Spotify Playlister) @ SubmitHub wrote:
"Cool dark gothic style with strong production...

☞ We All Want Someone To Shout For 🇺🇸 Really Good Blogger @ SubmitHub wrote:
"Gothic and dark in some really passionate ways...

LA/CDMX-based duo Adore Me, producer Mario Del Rio and vocalist Rayne Lew, formed after meeting in a mutual friend’s band. They immediately connected over a shared love for gaming, anime, and music.

Adore Me’s sound blends darkwave, industrial, and electronic pop influences while exploring themes ranging from mythology to desire to horror. Their second EP, Kira #1, balances both dark and light, painting a picture of modern love on tracks like MABH and Kira #1, to the hunger of a blood-thirsty death goddess on Bruise and Psyphon. Lew’s lyrics and delivery fuse melancholia, sexuality, and empowerment. Del Rio’s production forms intricate, majestic soundscapes that also feel playful. The pair’s sound is a study of opposites - ominous yet often taking a tongue-in-cheek approach. 

Vocals by Rayne Lew
Music by Mario Del Rio & Rayne Lew
Produced by Mario Del Rio
Mixed by Nathan Jenkins at Jenkoplex studios
Mastered by Marc Eintsmann
Album art shot by Dominic Escalante