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Todd & Karen

Our latest signing is brought from Norway & Ireland, and two great musicians and songwriters remind us of some of the finest songwriters throughout the famous music archipelago.

We received a demo “Mr Beardsley” in our sync licensing inbox and found it really quirky, and along with the corny lyrics & arrangements, we thought we should give it another listen and found it already released, all three songs, and that it was not quirky at all only great songwriting with a humorous touch.

We asked the band for more and found it so good that we decided to sign and re-release the all three songs asap along with the not-yet-released “L12” on a debut EP and start working with the band on trying to break through.

Believe me, there are so many great songs in there, songs like “Bitter Brulée”, “Blackpool Lights”, “Bougie Suzie”, “Driving Into Myrick Park”, “Edith Winifred Darkworth” to name just but a few of over +15 greats, that we have heard of, so far, and that soon need to see the light.

Bio: https://www.subexile.org/pages/todd-karen

Click & scroll the lyrics to each song while listening to the music featured in the sound-bar below.

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