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(unreleased noir version below)

Video by Nicky De Silva

This Scene is released on November 15. 2021.

Still Midnight is a musical trip inspired by the 70's, 80's & 90's Berlin, London & NYC, all combined into a smooth sonic cacophony written and recorded in a basement studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. A fine blend of electronica, drums, guitars, bass, and haunting tenor/baritone male vocals. 

Still Midnight has already quickened its pace on national Danish Broadcasting Radio with great features of "Death Sleep" and "Sign of Regret" and has made no less than five videos during 2019-2020 provided and made by the great Nicky de Silva, a visual storyteller based in Copenhagen. The single is released as both digital & CD (including video).

Thomas Bang (vocals) is originally an educated actor with numerous works and awards. Stefan Weinreich (guitars & keys) & Mark Winther (drums & percussion) have both long and awarded careers in the danish music scene, works including National Talent Award winners by Danish Broadcasting Radio P3 with Racing Ape and playing in other bands, including De Må Være Belgiere.

The album is recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2021. Mixed & Mastered by Ralv Milberg at Milberg Studios, Stuttgart, Germany 2021.

Thomas Bang • lead & backing vox / guitars / keys / lyrics

Stefan Weinreich • guitars / bass / keys / synths / programming

Mark Winther • drums / percussion / programming

Additional musicians

Thor Sobol Irming • bass

Zak & Mo • horns

Morten Væver • harmonica


This Scene // G minor // 112BPM

Written by: Weinreich/Bang/Winther

Lyrics by: Thomas Bang



She`s a complainer

She invades your room

Waxing and waning

Just like the moon

A drop out a failure

Who once was a saviour

A dirty little princess

Who preys on your weakness

I know that you`ll never quit this scene

So I`ll meet you in my dreams

I`m not in love with you

But I`m obsessed

Once I had a reason to be true

But now I`m past

You will never satisfy me

You won`t lift a finger to be free

I know that you`ll never quit this scene

So I`ll meet you in my dreams

I know I know I know

Can`t stop

Can`t stop

Can`t stop me from crying

Even though it feels like lying

But you`re not even trying

Your heart is slowly dying

A splitter, a spitter, a bitter little quitter

You`re hollow, you`re sorrow, you swallow

My soul

I know that you`ll never quit this scene

So I`ll meet you in my dreams

I know I know I know