The future of the music industry

Blockchain is being used to solve some of the major problems the music industry is now facing. Thanks to blockchain, musicians may receive equitable royalties, venues can stop people from selling fake tickets, record labels can easily track music streams, and all artists who contributed to songs or albums can receive quick payment.

The sector could benefit from the use of blockchain technology to help solve its issues. many new artists have advocated decentralised music technologies, and those who support them claim that blockchain's distributed ledger technology is a way to effectively release music, streamline royalty payments, get rid of pricey middlemen, and establish a point of origin for music creators.

Blockchain has the ability to restore an equitable and transparent system for creating, consuming, and listening.

There are many new WEB3 streaming services. Below is just an example by one of the blockchain music streaming services.

10000 streams

  • Spotify: 0.00437 x 10000 = 43,70:-
  • Audius: 0.35 x 10000 = 3.500:-



Lasse de Flon / CEO/MD
Sublime Exile Recordings

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